The Epicurean

Don’t cry over spoilt milk

Don’t cry over spoilt milk. Kitty’s brown bread will be all the better for it (recipe below). On the rare occasion that Kitty (my mother) didn’t have any spoilt milk for this simple and traditional bread, she would squirt some lemon or vinegar in a bowl of milk and leave it to turn for approximately ten minutes. If you’re feeling more fancy than frugal though, feel free to use buttermilk instead.

Toss all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. And yes that is a fist of certain ingredients listed below, a measurement that is not very precise but very practical. Read the rest of this entry »

Rhapsody in Raspberry

I’ve been thinking of the red velvet logs at Lulu’s Cake Boutique today. In temps of 60 and below I like to drink a lot of tea and even though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth I love tea and ‘something sweet’, a phrase used a lot in my house growing up anytime there was a cuppa going. Read the rest of this entry »